Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

As we wake up on this dull, grey Saturday morning, we may think to ourselves, “where’s the summer gone?”, remembering all but a week ago when the temperatures were in their mid-twenties and guests were coming back to the hotel with sun-kissed skin from the most welcome rays of sunshine.

However, I am here to remind you that it’s April, and not summer, so April showers are to be expected.  Embraced even.  You may feel cheated, but step out into London’s many Royal Parks and you will see that the flowers and trees are absolutely jubilant about the weather; lush emerald greens and delicate blossoms greet you at every turn – you can actually breath in their vibrant new life – it’s spectacular!

If all the spring blooms have got you in the mood for more, next month will be the world famous Chelsea Flower show; tickets are pricey and sell out quickly, so why not try Hampton Court Palace Flower show instead (at the beginning of July), tickets are around half the price of Chelsea and easier to come by.

In the meantime, boots on and umbrellas at the ready.